Saturday, April 5, 2008


As this week has seemed to be a retrospective of the sixties with the remembrance of Dr. King bringing about a broader discussion of where America is compared to that era. The time has come to call out the baby boomers as a group for what they were and are today.

This generation of American's was born after ww2 when a group of the greatest generation of American's came back from the war of wars. These heroes of ww2 came back with the dreams of building a better life for a new family and to live in peace. They worked as hard at this as they had in defeating the Japanese and Germans. As a result the golden era of the fifties produced a generation of young people born to a higher standard of living than had ever been seen in this country. They were treated to more stable food supply and better living enviroments than any generation before. The parents(ww2 heroes) had indeed accomplished the great American dream of providing more than they were provided in their youth. So what does this generation that has been born into this do? Do they use the ability to think about the continued social problems in the country and work to gain a workable solution? Do they use the freedom from poverty given to them by their parents to work harder at educating themselves in such a way as to move the American dream into more inaccesable parts of society? Do they create new ways to enrich themselves? Do they development new ways to get people jobs and raise the standard of living for the whole of America?
They became a generation that did nothing but complain about everything without working towards a truly universal American experience. They spent all their time worrying only about themselves. Yeah they might have participated in peace demonstrations and the like but it was more in an effort to be around better drugs and girls than any other. They protested the things they didn't like, they didn't try to work within the system to try and change things because that would have required a little more effort than getting high and shouting. They didn't accomplish anything they tried but they didn't care because that wasn't the goal. The goal was to maintain this SanFrancisco spirit of counter-culture and solving these problems would mean nothing left to protest.
The more I write about this generation the more obvious their selfishness becomes. This generation has failed in every way but the worst way is the way they failed their parents. Now I am not saying that it is a child's duty to make their parents proud but one would think that of all the sacrifice the generation of the fourties had poured into America the most appreciative would be their own children. But alas this is the group that least appreciated it because they were to selfish to even recognize what had been handed to them on a silver platter. They felt as though they were entitled to it without recognizing the sacrifice given.
Flash forward 40 years and look at what we have today. They are the politicians who complain about everything. The Dems are the repository of flower power and they can not help but act the same way they acted fourty years ago. They don't want to solve problems because that makes them obsolete. They shout down opposition voices today just like they shouted down pro-war students of the vietnam era. They are still the most selfsish of generations this nation has ever produced.

Now it is time for me to say one final thing and understand when I say this that I know that not all of this generation was those from above. But most were. The best thing is that the first of this generation is now reaching retirement, and although I am sure their selfishness and sense of entitlement will manifest itself in the bankruptcy of social security, the upside is, this generation will soon die out and maybe, just maybe we can finally remove their blight on America and truly move forward towards a universal American dream. Without the complaining for the sake of complaining maybe we can begin to solve these fourty year old problems that this generation of the sixties has failed to do.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Southern Politic update

I just posted a piece I started working on a few days ago. I have not been as prolific as I would like but I am pleased to welcome into my family my new son(2). He is a month old so you can guess where my prolificness ( sorry if that ain't a word) has gone.

Anyway I am back and will begin posting again in the very near future. Thank you for your patience and please keep reading.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Eating the Young

My oh My what a wonderful thing this political season has turned out to be. Do you realize what we are watching here? History. This is a historical political season. No matter what, the Democratic party will either put a black or woman on the ticket as candidate. It is truly historical. Now that I have gotten all the obligatory praise out of the way let's really get down to it.

The Democrats are just about ready to implode. This party that has spent it's entire political capital for the last twenty years segregating voters into groups of victims, is beginning to reap what they have sewn.

The founding fathers argued that the true threat to democracy was not an external force but the development of factions. The ability to seperate the individual into a faction based on some external or internal conflict was the fear of all the founders. That is why they parsed power the way they did so that it would be almost impossible for a factional group to gain control of the government. The equal powers granted to each branch was not to keep watch on the other but to prevent the power grab of a faction.

The democrats have spent the last thirty or more years developing a factional party in order to drive a wedge between groups. This becomes beneficial to dem party power by being able to speak to each faction individually without a unifying theme. They can speak equally to the poor urban blacks and the liberal elite of the west coast even though these two groups have absolutely zero in common or have common goals for the nation. They do this by speaking the language of the group to which they are trying to appeal. The only way they can get away with this is to create a factional party with each faction looking out for their own interest.
Well guess what happens when you have one candidate speaking to some factions and another candidate speaking to other factions both effective in their own circle. You get exposed.

That is the most important result of this primary season. The democratic strategy of dividing the country along racial, economic, geographic, and any other way they could divide it in order to appeal to each group has come back to bite them in the buttocks.

What we are witnessing today is also the vapid reality that is the democratic party. I have yet to hear an original idea from any candidate. Obama wants change, well guess what, so did Lenin and Stalin and Hitler and Castro and Ho Chi Minh. Change is good but what does he want us to change in to. Well let's see what he believes in. According to his voting record we see two things,
1. He rarely voted, maybe rarely is a bit harsh, he didn't vote regularly.
2. The positions he actually took on the things he voted for was of a highly liberal one. He showed his true colors when he stood to be counted.

Clinton- Come on do I really need to go into all the wrong here. Let's just let this dog lie.

McCain- Not the most conservative Rep. but conservative in the right places. Military, and his lifelong position of opposing pork barrel spending which earns him his economic conservative stripes, tax cut flip-flop not withstanding. He is more willing to compromise on immigration issues than most conservatives would like but I say that this is what makes him a great general election candidate. Look people are looking for someone who can work across party lines in order to get things done. The president deals with big things, immigration, foreign policy, war and such so the next president needs to be able to build political capital within the opposition.
The only candidate who has consistently demonstrated to the public this ability it is McCain, much to the republicans shagrin. But that is the number one reason he will be the most attractive candidate in the fall that the republicans could have asked for.

Anyway, this will be a great political summer.

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